Standing for Compassion


After a summer of crutching around, I am so glad to be rid of the crick-creak of that particular fashion accessory.  Through it all, I have learned how to carry everything in a cross-body shoulder bag, to ask for help, and maybe, just a little bit of patience.  But most of all, I have learned about compassion.  FIrst was just how much compassion others have.  It was amazing how many times I did not have to ask for help.  People offered to carry things, went out of their way to open doors, and made accommodations for me.  Not once did someone ask who I voted for before opening the door or chasing down an elevator for me.  I had people offer a prayer for me in almost every religion and lots of good wishes not related at all to any religion.  And that is just for a broken leg.

In a time where every news report seems to talk about people being driven apart, it was a fabulous reminder that we are a community.  People do see others in trouble and not only tsk, tsk but go out of their way to help.  It turns out that such compassion is good for both our health but also our economy.

So today, go out and do something compassionate.  Maybe it is open a door for someone (they don’t even need to have crutches) or maybe it is helping those in Texas dealing with Hurricane Harvey.  But most importantly thank those who show it towards you.

Therefore, THANK YOU!!! To my clients who showed tremendous patience and humor as I caught back up to speed. To my coffee and lunch dates who found places to eat that were easily accessible and bussed many coffee cups and muffin plates.  To my family who picked up lots of slack.  And to you, for reading my posts regardless of timing, length, or grammar.  Give yourself a round of applause – all of you!


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