A few weeks ago, we took a motorcycle class.  One thing the instructors kept saying was “Keep your heads up! Look forward!”  You had to see where you were going, and it helped get over nerves.  As one instructor said, “If you only look three feet forward, you will only […]

Keep Looking Forward

They say when you fall off a horse, you should get back on again.  Well, sometimes when you fall off the horse, things like tibial plateau fractures happen which means that getting back on again are delayed as surgeries and recoveries take awhile.  But the message is don’t let the […]

Get Back On Again (In 12 Weeks)

Let’s pretend that I am the owner of a hair salon.  I want to keep my clients even as different hairdressers come and go.  One problem though:  My clients build a relationship with a hairdresser, and when he leaves to go to another salon, my clients follow.  What to do? […]

Rapunzel, Can I Cut Your Hair?