Introducing: Sherri Schaaf!

Have you ever wished for a magical being to come help you with, well, everything?  We did, and our wish came true!  We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you Sherri Schaaf.  Sherri is our Paralegal and Client Support Coordinator.

She is dedicated, capable, hard-working, and organized to the hilt.  There is very little that Sherri can’t figure out how to organize into a binder.  Yes, she will be wrangling us into some sort of order, but more importantly, she will be helping our clients wrangle their work with us into order.  That means she will be working with clients to make sure that 1) we have the information we need to proceed; 2) the clients know what the heck is going on behind the curtain; and 3) we are getting feedback on what is going well and what can be improved.

Therefore, you may be getting emails or calls from Sherri.  She is definitely the nicest of us all, so Jeff and Erin will try not to take it too personally when you want to talk to her instead of them.  We’d choose her, too.  Oh, wait, we already did!  We know that you will be as impressed with her as we are.

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